Runner of the Week – Anna Frost

Our "Runner of the week" category is back again! We are proudly presenting you one fantastic runner and even better person Anna Fost. Introduce yourself to our readers. Anna Frost, half-time in Dunedin - NZ, and the other half in Durango - USA, FB = Anna Frost...

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Runner of the Week – Jimmy Laeremans

Runner of the Week - Jimmy Laeremans   Our newest category "Runner of the Week" is live and ready to highlight fantastic runners and amazing human beings. RunningMAX is presenting you Jimmy aka @jimpy87_running . Take your time, read his thoughts and contact us...

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What Causes Calf Cramps While Running & How to Stop Them

What Causes Calf Cramps While Running & How to Cure Them   How do I prevent muscle cramps while running? What are they, and what causes muscle cramps and calf cramps? These questions are important to ask and to learn the answers to them. Many of us have dealt...

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Causes and Relief of Pain Behind the Knee

Back of Knee Pain Relief & Causes Pain in the Back of the Knee (Posterior Knee Pain) We often associate pain behind the knee with our age; however, this type of problem is not strictly related to the aging process. It can often appear in younger adults, and it can...

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How to Slowly Get Back in Shape after the Marathon

Long-Term Recovery after the Marathon   Recovery after the marathon is a long-term process and you should take it seriously. Otherwise, you could damage your muscles and continuously feel pain. To prevent that, consider the following advice and rest your body...

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Short-Term Marathon Recovery

Recovery Right After the Marathon   Preparing for the marathon can take a lot of work, but the satisfaction one gets from crossing that finish line is worth the input. However, once the marathon is over, there is yet one more hurdle to pass, which is recovery....

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Preventing and Recovering from Muscle Soreness

How to Get Rid of Muscle Soreness and Prevention Tips   People often think that when their muscles ache after a heavy training session, it means their workout was extraordinary, and a sign of muscle growth. However, muscle soreness generally means you’ve just...

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Simple Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain

Here Is What You Can Do to Get Rid of Back Pain   Many people suffer from back pain, but few know how to deal with it properly, and how to prevent it in the first place. That’s unfortunate because back pain can really negatively affect our daily routine and leave...

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