Recovery Right After the Marathon


Preparing for the marathon can take a lot of work, but the satisfaction one gets from crossing that finish line is worth the input. However, once the marathon is over, there is yet one more hurdle to pass, which is recovery. The recovery process, often overseen, is a crucial component that needs to be implemented into the training plan.

Many marathon runners know that there is a recovery period waiting for them after the excitement has subsided. The time of the recovery process can, however, pass quicker if the right recovering steps are being followed. In the worse case scenario, you can obtain an injury if you do not give yourself the proper treatment after the marathon.



After the marathon, you might feel inferior and think that you can do it all over again in a heartbeat. By starting to train right after a race, you might provoke over-training symptoms and most likely find it difficult to perform to your fullest potential in the next race.

During the marathon race, you are pushing your body to its maximum limit. Everything in your body from muscles, cells, hormones to tendons is being overworked which makes it tough on your body’s physiological system.

The time to start the recovering process is right after the run. Runners tend to get cold quickly after the race. Therefore, you should cover yourself with something warm and put on some warm clothes as soon as possible. This might not help you recover, but it is wise not to push your body even more to its limits by shivering. Wrap yourself up, and you will feel much better.

Recharge yourself with some food after the race. Opt for nutritious foods like fruits, bagels or energy bars. If you feel you can not eat straight after the run, at least keep yourself hydrated, energy drinks are a good option.

When you return to your place of residence, it is a good idea to take a bath in cold water to soothe the aching muscles. After the shower, you can have a nap if you feel tired. Otherwise, a walk to loosen the legs will do you good as well.

For the rest of the day, give yourself a break. Reward your body by relaxing and just enjoy the thoughts of what you have accomplished. Believe us, your body will be grateful!

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